Stone Supply

Full Service

Expert advice on stone sourcing costs, specifications, procurements and visual and schedule control.

Swenson Stone supplies all types of stone. We focus on meeting each project’s particular design, schedule and cost requirements while producing high quality products.


List of Services

  • Stone Sourcing & Design Development: Swenson Stone Consultants is unequaled in its worldwide knowledge of stone sources, quarries and factories. We can source stones and insure the suitability of stones selected for both design and budget.  

  • Estimating & Drafting Services: Our experienced draftsman can create quantity take-offs from architectural drawings to help achieve realistic cost estimates for stone. Our ability to estimate stone costs has saved our clients tens of millions of US dollars.

  • Project Consultation: Swenson Stone Consultants provides technical and specification advice in regard to stone. We can offer solutions to stone issues, and cost for various options.  

  • Quality Assurance & Control: Our worldwide network of consultants monitors production to maintain quality and enhance project success.

  • Delivery: With an international network of freight forwarders, we can assist in arranging transcontinental shipments on your behalf. This includes handling customs clearances and trucking to site.