Why Is Granite Used for Buildings

As a construction material, granite is superior for several reasons, but you may not realize why that's the case. Most of us don't think twice about the physical characteristics of the buildings we see every day; however, granite is everywhere we look. It's on the facades of our office buildings, favorite retailers, and maybe even on our kitchen and bathroom countertops too. Still, there are good reasons why granite has been used as a construction material for thousands of years, so here's a quick primer to learn the essentials.

Superior durability and hardness

First, granite features superior durability and hardness due to its quartz and feldspar crystalline structure that's also visible to the naked eye. The amount of force required to break granite is incredibly high, so that's why engineers use it for construction purposes. Along those lines, granite doesn't wear down over time nearly as fast as other stones, especially when properly polished and maintained throughout its lifespan. It's also more resistant to heat and fire than most of us assume, and it also doesn't readily absorb water, the primary culprit of weathering damage.

Color and pattern variety

Stone for construction purposes comes in many distinct varieties, but granite is unique in its particular aesthetic value. That's one reason why you see it on the facades of prominent skyscrapers and corporate headquarters. Using granite instead of lesser quality stone adds color and patterns, whereas using a dull type of stone would look cold and unappealing. The mineral composition of the granite imparts unique visual characteristics that you can't find with other types of stone. Once polished, granite can look great for several decades or more as long as you properly take care of the building's exterior.

Find a granite supplier in New York

When you need a granite supplier in New York, it's helpful to know what your options are as far as materials go because not every company will offer the same quality of services, nor will they each offer the same quality of stones. Some granite comes in more earthy tones, whereas other types are on the darker side of the color spectrum. A quality supplier will know which one would work best for your needs since it's not always a straightforward choice when selecting from a variety of granite.

Essentially, those are the main reasons why granite is a great building material for construction projects. We've used it for thousands of years, and we'll continue to use it for several more millennia in all likelihood.