Why Is Stone a Good Building Material?

man walking at the end of path between stone columns
Without a doubt, stone is a superior building material, especially when constructing large commercial structures. People have been using it for millennia, but why? What exactly makes stone the best choice when you can choose from so many other materials in our modern-day?

Here's a rundown of the top three benefits. We find the last benefit the most attractive, which is why you should get in touch with a building stone supplier.

Long-lasting durability

The first benefit of using stone is its durability over time. Stone is so solid and reliable that buildings from classical antiquity still stand today. Stone structures can last for thousands of years when constructed well from the Roman aqueducts to the Taj Mahal. However, one should be mindful that some stone is softer than others; limestone is the perfect example since it's relatively easy to shape.

Some stones are more resistant to cracks, breaks, and scratches than others, so it's best to rely on professionals to choose which one would be best for the project. Stone consultants can be hired to help assist in the sourcing process, to help determine which material is most suitable for your project.

Fire resistance

Not only is stone durable, but it's also fire-resistant, much more so than standard building materials like wood, insulation, and sheetrock. Over the years, using stone as a critical building material was necessary since the risk of a building catching fire was higher than it is today. Not too long ago – and even to this very day – most buildings in residential structures contain flammable materials, so using stone is ideal when you want to minimize fire damage.

Lower cost to maintain over the building’s lifespan

Synthetic materials sometimes may have a lower upfront cost compared to natural stone; however, the resilience of stone makes it more cost-effective over a structure’s lifespan. Synthetic materials, such as porcelain or ceramic, are more prone to weathering over time, leading to costly repairs and more frequent replacement. Although you might pay more upfront for natural stone, the cost benefits over time make it worth the price. Stone, when installed properly, will last a lifetime.

Stone is absolutely a superior building material, and that's why people have been using it for thousands of years.

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